I’m Moving…

I’m Moving…


and no one tells you how many things you should (probably) do before  moving into your first solo place.  A few of my gripes: Stanley Steemer (WHY would anyone in their right mind pay $200 for a couch cleaning will forever be beyond me, this is precisely what Heloise is for), U Haul availability the week after official college move in, the 20 minute wait in line at my neighborhood Walmart or Target that I’ll have to endure no doubt while I’m stocking up on big girl stuff like my own TP and tissues.

But I digress, because the bottom, rainbow filled line is that I’M MOVING. And at the ripe young (but I feel so old!?!) age of 20-something, my life is going to start.

And let’s face it, the big everlasting bonus here: more space for my makeup stash!!! WHOO!!

So, I say all of this to say, although my blog only went live yesterday, count on sporadic posts OR frantic themed ones in which you can chronicle my Amanda Bynes like spiral into move in crazy-town on a first class ride.

Stay Glossy,



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