September Sneak Peak


Hey glossies!

We go full on live next month, so I wanted to give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect to see in beautiful September…

Whenever I think of fall, I think cozy scarves, warm scents, boots and best of all switching out my summer makeup for the richer, more luxe and pampering makeup and skin care–and I can’t wait!

In the first two posts of the month you might notice a theme–color. Typically, I like to consider myself a baby Michael Kors ( all black everything all the time) but I find myself casually experimenting with color. Disclaimer: to my friends, this in no way means I’m abandoning my beloved black forever so you can just deal.)

I’ll be reviewing Essie’s “First Timer,” a really cool yet completely doable green shade (I love green! Wakes my entire complexion up) and Stila’s “Stay All Liquid Lipstick” in Beso. In case you haven’t heard, this red lippie is a life changer.

Of course I’ll be reviewing other products as well but you’ll just have to check back in to see what they are ;)

Looking forward to it. Stay glossy my loves!



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