Second Time’s the Charm?

Second Time’s the Charm?


As I write more, I’m sure you’ll get to know me better and you’ll understand why I may post some things that seem out of sort. I’m more than beauty obsessed. I’m a total geek. I love politics, law, the unpopular but awesome television show, and countless other geeky things. 

You know what else I love? A great human interest story to remind us all of the finer stations of life and how quickly things can turn around for the better :)

Which brings me to something I saw on another of my obsessions: the New York Times (both paper and digital will have me in a trance for hours. I LOVE news)

They ran a great piece today on an inspiring story. I hope you’ll take a moment to read. 

Second chances can come in every form, small or large.  If you had a second chance at something, what would it be? Leave me a note, let’s chat about it. 

Read the story here:

Until then. Stay lippy. 



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