Take a Break, and Give Your Nails One Too

Take a Break, and Give Your Nails One Too



So I was out of town this past weekend and before I left to take my train (which is an entirely OTHER post) I gave myself a fresh nude manicure. (I used Revlon Color Stay in Natural Tan, $7.99 at drugstores) It wasn’t until I returned that I realized that I missed out on the PERFECT opportunity to give my nails a break from remover, crazy rapid polish changes, multi-directional filing, etc. and just let them breathe. 

Right now, you’re probably screaming at the screen saying “WTF would I EVER do that for???” At which point, I’d flash back to my WTF moment with my beloved manicurist Asygal. The moment she told me that almost 5 years ago, I preceded to flip out. But…she was right! When I go polish free (not even top coat, or any type of clear) my nails also bounce back to the healthy, nourished days of my teenage youth. (In fact, this may be the only thing I miss about being a teenager. My nails were always impeccable. 

Anyhoo…I digress. I say all of this to say: give yourself a break and while you’re at it, pass the favor along to your nails. The only products you should be slathering on them is a great cuticle oil–I like CND Solar Oil ($7.50-$11.50, drugstores) If you prefer a cuticle cream, try Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ($5.99, drugstores) 

Take a breather and let your nails soak up some oxygen too. It’s good for both of you :)

Post below and let me know how it went!




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