Dior’s New Rouge Ad: EVERYTHING I want my 30’s (and beyond) to be…

Dior’s New Rouge Ad: EVERYTHING I want my 30’s (and beyond) to be…

And no, not because it (boldly, elegantly, fiercely…you get the jist) features a stunning Ms. Portman–although you could do worse in the “role model for young women” department. But because of everything else going on in the ad.

Let’s start with the fierceness and confidence that is the red lip: it’s bold, yet classic and says “yes, I know you’re staring at me, but that’s okay, take a gander at greatness” By the time I hit the big 3-0, I hope to be rocking the dis positional equivalent even if I’m not rocking the colour. 

Can we talk about the hot pink heels? Classic lines with a twist. Sure I can be predictable most of the time, but don’t count me out for the occasional and (effing awesome!) surprise. 

And last but not least: you the mostly black ensemble speaks to me like nothing else does. So yes, just like my fellow kindred (clothing) spirit Michael Kors, I’ll be rocking black until they come out with a darker colour and loving every chic, confident, comfortable moment! You don’t like it, tough cookies because I do and I think I look fab. So eat dirt. 

We’re not even going to begin to get into the makeup…although I think it may be one of the first makeup tutorials that I do on my YouTube channel (keep an eye on the blog for official launch countdown and details!!) 

Dior has captured my inner motivating vision about who I hope to and am working to become. For that alone, they’ve just gained a new fan. Hopefully, when I’m 30, my fan adoration will turn into patronism. 

A girl must dream to become, right? 

Dream with me. And let’s work together to make it happen. I’m committed, are you?

xo, Layla 


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