NY Times Article: A College Degree Within Reach, Then Came The Medical Bills

NY Times Article: A College Degree Within Reach, Then Came The Medical Bills

I love reading the NY Times.  I get news, superbly written personal interest pieces and finish reading feeling more intelligent and less afraid of the “unknown.”

I’ll read the Times anyway that I can get it–print, online, mobile–it doesn’t matter.  Today was no exception.  I read this article and immediately felt a connection with the young woman who is the focus of the story.  (To view the article, click on the post header)

I too had emergency surgery only last year and am still paying off medical bills all while trying to put money together for a much desired college education.  It’s hard no doubt, but I’m reminded of a quote from one of my favorite shows, The West Wing.  Toby and Josh were speaking to a father in a bar while on a campaign tour stop.  He was thinking hard about his college tuition ordeal.  His daughter had just visited a school and was in love with it.  He on the other hand could only think of how hard it would be to pay for her dream school.  He tells Toby and Josh that (paraphrased) “it should be a little hard. But it shouldn’t be so hard for good, honest working people that it becomes impossible.”  I completely agree.

This woman’s story is a reminder that persistence, honesty and perseverance coupled with the goodness of some people who are still (thankfully) moving about in the world means the “impossible” will always be possible after all.  There is no “I can’t,” only “how will I?”

Mountains are made to climb.  Sometimes not on our own, but we climb them nonetheless.

What mountains are you climbing? Are there any mountains that you stopped climbing mid-way and want to take up climbing again?

Let’s all share in the comments.

Until next time.

With thanks and gratitude for your support,



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