NY Times: Mascara Ads Draw Criticism

NY Times: Mascara Ads Draw Criticism

It’s confession time ladies (and gents.)  We’ve all seen them. You know of the trickery I speak about. Mascara ads. 

God love them, or curse them all of eternal damnation, we give them the intense perusal befitting of forensic science, looking for that slight difference that justifies yet another mascara purchase in less a month.  (Have I given myself completely away yet?)

Quite a few friends call me a mascara whore. I’m not ashamed, I embrace it. I keep a different mascara in rotation for every day and purchase any and all new formulas within my reach. I love the way they can transform an eye, or your whole face depending on the formula and brush.  Mascara is that one little secret that makes you look as though you’ve slept for 10 hours when really you were up all night doing heavens knows what. So, what’s my gripe right?  The false advertising that is the “styled with lash inserts” variety.  Whenever I see a new ad for a mascara launch, I’m instantly excited about the new look(s) I can achieve, only to be hampered with the fine print reminding me that it’s all a fairy tale and I won’t instantly transform into the gorgeous, near perfect model with flashing, radiant eyes looking up at me, beseeching me to spend my hard earned money. 

As beauty junkies, we’re a savvy bunch, which only makes the “lash insert” or “photo shopped” fine print even more insulting. Of course we all hope to look like our favorite super model, but we know that short of (superb) plastic surgery that will never happen. We do look to our beauty products, however, to help us achieve an outward version of our best selves–to mirror how we feel about ourselves internally. 

What a shame that these beauty giants don’t give us credit.  And what a lazy lot for not making their products to live up to claims without the visual trickery. Not to mention that it’s not plain stupid. 

I digress. I must, because I will buy mascara from now until eternity. 

What about you? How do mascara ads styled with lash inserts, etc make you feel? Tell me in the comments.



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