25 Best Places to Shop for Beauty Products

25 Best Places to Shop for Beauty Products

There goes all of my disposable income–LOL

Beauty High

We’ve all got our favorite stores: The ones we head to when we need the finishing touches on a look for a party, or when we’re going through a break up and need a little retail therapy. Reliable retailers are a necessity in every girl’s life, but there is one downside to consistently visiting your usual stomping grounds — you tend miss out on some of the other amazing places to shop.

Considering the time, expertise and money spent on figuring out which foundation to buy, whether you should be using waterproof mascara and which shampoo is right for your hair, shopping for beauty products can be daunting, at the least. The difference, though, is in where the products are being sold. If you’re searching for a natural skin care remedy at an organic body shop, you need to know that the salespeople know what they’re talking about. When…

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