What You Should Know About Nutricosmetics

What You Should Know About Nutricosmetics

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Beauty companies are now increasingly making supplements — commonly known as nutricosmetics to help you get glowing from the inside out. But do they actually work?

We got the lowdown from beauty nutritionist Paula Simpson, an expert on nutricosmetics, so we could better understand what nutricosmetics really are, what they do, and which ones might be most effective.

What They Are

Nutricosmetics are the intersection between nutrition, nutraceuticals, and personal care, Simpson says. They provide concentrated natural health formulas targeted to support the overall health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails by nourishing the body to bring natural beauty out from within. The mantra of,“if you feel well, you’ll look well” is really at the heart of the nutricosmetics industry.

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Why They’re Getting Popular

While nutricosmetics have been around in the Asian and European markets for…

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