Manicure Monday: Essie Lady Like

Manicure Monday: Essie Lady Like

essie nail polish ladylike


As promised my loves: the first post in the “Manicure Monday” series.  I figured I’d start out relatively tame, so I’m choosing this feminine and classic shade in Essie’s collection.  It doesn’t look like much in the bottle, it’s easy to blow right past it, but oh when it’s creamy formula washes over your fingers and toes, you’re instantly in Audrey Hepburn/Princess Diana territory: seriously. It’s just that chic and classic.

I know that Ballerina Slippers is typically the belle of the ball, but let us formulate an additional thought: that there can be more than one GORGEOUS shade of girl approved and appropriate and it’s completely okay. Great, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and our minds are open and enlightened, let us ponder the wonder that is the versatility of skin tone compatibility that occurs whenever one wears this shade. This shade makes the fairest and darkest of skin shine.

It’s a lovely milky sort of lavender that has a greatly calming effect whenever you happen to sneak a peak or catch a glimpse of your digits in action. Typing never looked so good, trust me.

Sure there are other brighter, bolder, wackier colors out there, and yes it’s winter so all the berries, and dark vampy colors all getting all the attention, but can we please give a lush pinky, plummy nude some love too?? I mean really, it deserves it.

Lippies, it’s nail polish, you can never have too many. And I’m almost sure that at the end of the world, nail lacquer will be the only currency accepted so stock up now ;)

Build your Essie collection with this great shade today!

Later lovely lippies,

xo Layla


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