Product Review: Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

Product Review: Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

eyeko skinny mini 2

Be prepared to marvel at how many chances I’ve taken since I started this blog on August 19, 2013, LOL.  In case you’re wondering, counting the product I used in this post and the other time, it’s a whopping total of 2, ha ha!

Once again, Birchbox delivery time has come and gone (I wish it could last forever) and even though I usually at least like everything in my box, there is always one stand out product that I can’t wait to try.  This month, it was Eyeko’s Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner in Black.  Now I know what you might be thinking…”black eyeliner is NOT that risky, Layla.” But for me, it is.  My eyes are not small (I get it from me mum) so for everyday makeup, I don’t do much in the way of playing them up, I try and keep it low key and save the all out fabulousness for special occasions like nights out with friends, etc.  Usually this means brown eyeliner no matter the formula.  Using black eyeliner definitely makes my eyes stand out, but I’m getting more comfortable with it.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s get on with my review!

I had heard AMAZING things about this brand, particularly its mascaras but I never really heard much about its eyeliners until very recently.  The beautiful Miss Alexa Chung swears by Eyeko eyeliners and now I can see why. They’re quite nice. Very long wearing. In these pictures below (excuse the complexion issues, I’m in the middle of a skin revolt, and this a completely judgment free zone, right?): I’ve been wearing the liner for a little more than 12 hours, with a very small amount of ELF Eye Primer layered underneath. The staying power, primer included, is a welcome surprise.

eyeko skinny mini selfie 3

The angle is kind of funny but you get the idea.

It was so easy to apply, most likely because of this genius tip. It looks like a normal liquid liner tip but it’s different, I can’t quite put eloquent (or any) words to it really, but if you try it, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Peep a peak at the tip:

eyeko skinny mini tip


I really love this eyeliner and think it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something. It retails for $16 in the US and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, or Eyeko’s website.

xo, Layla


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