Products That Can Have SEVERAL Seats…

Products That Can Have SEVERAL Seats…

Perspectives make the world go round and generally create a more open environment and well rounded person. Don’t believe me? Well, watch closely because thanks to one of my co-worker friends (Hey Kelly!! :)) I’ve come to realize that I’ve been so busy gushing about my product loves, that I haven’t told you about the products that I hate and have wasted obscene amounts of money on. And boy, there’s plenty to tell. If my makeup brushes could talk, you’d get an ear and eyeful of the disgusted trials.

So, starting next week, I’ll be sprinkling in some products that weren’t worth the money, time or trials. Don’t worry, I’ll still be keeping you up to date on latest and classic trends, etc. but it’s important to make good buys when it comes to beauty because there is SO much out there.

If you have a specific product you’d like to check against my “sit down somewhere far, far away” list, feel free to comment below and I’ll post about it, or on the slim chance that I don’t have it, I will find you a post from another blogger that I think will be helpful.

It’s been a long day, and longer than anticipated night out. Chat later lippies.

xo, Layla


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