The Many Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

The Many Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

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vitamin c for your skin

Time and time again, we hear experts sing the praises of vitamin C. We started sensing a trend here: Maybe the superfood we need to be more concerned about eating is a run of the mill, breakfast juice staple orange. Sure, it’s not as exotic as, say, kale, or chia seeds, but it tastes better.

So why is vitamin C so incredibly essential? Well, according to Rianna Loving, founder of organic skincare brand ORGO Beauty, it’s responsible for creating and maintaining collagen—i.e., the “glue that holds the body together.” From strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength, Vitamin C is an antioxidant our bodies need.

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However, because Vitamin C is water-soluble, Loving says, our bodies don’t store it or accumulate too much of it in our systems, which is why daily intake is highly important. But, in case you’re…

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