Layla Loves:

Layla Loves:

Hey guys,

I’ve got a different kind of post today. I’m so excited about finding this website that I felt that I had to share. It’s call and it’s a great online retailer that has tons of Asian brands for beauty, fashion, jewelry, etc. I was browsing one of my other favorite sites, Byrdie and came across this site while reading one of their posts.

Of course, I had to look over their beauty offerings and I’m in a beauty lovers heaven right now. YesStyle offers brands that you’re already familiar with state side, like Neutrogena, but you’ll notice different offerings. For instance, I found Neutrogena Sheet Masks on this site. Now I may just be clueless but I haven’t seen any of those in the United States.

They also offer lots of top Asian beauty brands that you may have never heard of but are very popular in Asia and deliver results.

I haven’t checked out the fashion, jewelry or accessories sections of the site yet but I’m sure it’s all great. Head over to YesStyle and give their website a perusal. I’d be hard pressed to say you’d be disappointed with what they have to offer. And right now at least, all orders of $25 or more are eligible for FREE Shipping to the United States. Hello overseas beauty!!

Enjoy glossies xo.

P.S. have you heard of this site before? If so, let me know in the comments below how your experience went. I’m definitely going to order something (okay, a lot of things, he he)



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