Manicure Monday: Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy

Manicure Monday: Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy

I’ll just come clean with it from the start: I love nail polish. I change my nail color just about every other day (it’s havoc on my poor nails).  Lately, I’ve been experiencing some skin irritation in areas where my nail polish and/or treatment(s) have come in contact with areas of my skin.

So I started researching…I was looking for any other (fashionable) options to keep my digits bathed in glossy (or matte, or sand textured) goodness. I found a lot of options, so many options I was beside myself, and Priti NYC was a sure stand out.

They’ve enjoyed some really good press and if you haven’t at least heard of their brand or one of their popular and eco/skin/vegan friendly you must’ve been living under a seriously huge rock.

I placed two separate orders (one off of eBay and one directly with Priti NYC) for a total of 3 nail polishes (2 colors, 1 top + base coat combo) and the company’s world famous Soy Nail Polish Remover.

I tried one of my colors, Snow River Daisy, today and I’m surprised. Not in a bad way, just surprised. This is the color in the bottle:

Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy
Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy, $15

It looks like a beautiful opaque cobalt blue (maybe slightly darker than cobalt blue?) I love cobalt blue and have been told that it suits me well, so I was really amped to try this. Okay, now for the surprise…it’s not nearly as opaque as it looks in the bottle. Rather it applied more like a nail tint. Which is okay with me, I’m not disappointed, it just isn’t what I expected. (For some reason, this color is not displayed on the website so I couldn’t really get a description)

This is what it looks like on me, after a base coat and 3 coats of the polish:

On my nails, after 3 coats
On my nails, after 3 coats

I hadn’t cleaned up my work in this pic, but you get the gist. It’s a beautiful color that I feel would suit any skin tone. I’m really happy to have this color in my collection.

Priti NYC is a new favorite for me. And again, I repeat: all its products are FDA approved, are 5-Free and Vegan. It’s completely non-toxic. This is important to know because the nail colors I received did have a chemically smell, but not to fret, they’re safe glossies!! :)

I’m eager to try out the Soy Nail Polish Remover and will definitely be posting my thoughts as soon as it arrives and I can test it out.

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried a Priti NYC product? Leave me a note in the comments below.

xo, Layla




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