Put Some Spring In Your Step!

Put Some Spring In Your Step!

Spring Tree in Bloom

Well hel-loooo lovelies!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted last. It’s been hard to find inspiration and extra time, but I’m happy to be back. March is a great month, if for nothing else the magazines. Every magazine you pick up this month is likely packed with tons of fashion and beauty ideas to serve as inspiration for giving your wardrobe a nice boost to compliment how you feel when warmer weather finally comes along…It’s only March 14 and I’ve got TONS of ideas and wish list as long as this winter has been. God help my poor credit cards because I’m much too excited!

Here are a couple of cute pieces I’m looking to snatch up for Spring, all from H&M:

And we cannot forget Spring beauty! It’s always fun to switch out your entire makeup bag when the seasons change. I’m going to scoop up these treats:

I haven’t gone through all my March issues just yet, so I’m sure I’ll find plenty more that I’ll want to try. I’ll continue to post my Spring hit list throughout the month.

What do you have your (perfectly lined) eye on for Spring?

So good to be in your company again.



2 thoughts on “Put Some Spring In Your Step!

  1. great recommendations! :) thank you. spring is my favorite season and it’s always so fun to add color to your wardrobe again :D


    1. This will be my first year where I’ll try to wear something other than black when it’s warm so it’s fun to see all of the great hues there are to choose from! Thanks for reading :)


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