Manicure Monday: Thinking of an (Essie) Master Plan

Manicure Monday: Thinking of an (Essie) Master Plan

I break for blogging!! Lol, at least I do tonight. I’m in the third week of my latest class and there is much reading and discussion board posting to be done. I’ve studied, but now I want to take a break to tell you about my latest nail polish obsession: Essie’s “Master Plan.”

Essie Master Plan
Essie Master Plan

What a beautiful and yet complex neutral. Essie describes it as a “mischievous soft gray.” I purchased this color a few months ago and it sadly got plopped right into my nail bin–along with who knows how many other polishes and nail treatments. So, flash forward to yesterday and I’m in desperate need of a polish change. I don’t want anything too bold but I don’t want anything too boring either, and there it was: sifted to the top. What the heck, right? I apply 1 coat of Priti NYC 2-in-1 Top and Base Coat, then a coat of Master Plan and another layer of the 2-in-1 Top and Base Coat, and voila! Gorgeous, gray and glossy nail color.

Peep the pic below:


Finished product...
Finished product…

I know this isn’t about the base and top coat: but if you choose to follow my routine identically, be prepared to reapply your top coat. The above snapshot is only 24 hours after I applied it with no touchups and a lot of hand washing–as you can see, it’s dulled a bit, but no worries as you should re-apply top coat to keep the manicure for as long as possible depending on your lifestyle. However, if you’re looking for something with more of a gel-like shine, you should take a pass on this base and top coat.

All in all, I really like this color, it goes in the neutral hall of fame for me: right next to my trusted OPI San-Tan-Tonio. In my opinion, some neutrals aren’t always appropriate for everything (I have a whole theory on this, believe me). Master Plan is appropriate for the office, a date, or even happy hour with the girls.

If you’re looking for a neutral that’s not boring: you should definitely take Essie’s Master Plan for a spin.





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