How to Shape Almond Nails

How to Shape Almond Nails

Great post and tutorial. I’m trying this tonight. Who’s with me? ;)

10 Pretty Fingers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Friday everyone!!!

Today I wanted to share with you all how to shape almond nails. I would love to show you myself, but my nails are not currently long enough and I don’t want to go to the nail shop to get them done. Sooooo, what’s the next best thing? YOUTUBE! One question I have always heard is how to tell the difference between Stiletto Nail and Almond Nails. Well, Stiletto nails are pointier and usually longer than almond nails. Although they both can get pretty long, I prefer the Almond nails. Stiletto’s remind me Cruella Deville. :) and who better to give us an illustration than Rihanna herself.

Stiletto Nails Stiletto Nails

Almond Nails Almond Nails

Any who, here’s the video that describes the shaping process for long almond nails. Please not that you can adjust the length. I prefer the short ones.


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