Rejuvenating As A Rule

Rejuvenating As A Rule

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No post about makeup tonight.  Just thoughts.  I don’t relax well. In fact, I hate it. It feels like I’m being an unproductive waste of space. Harsh? Maybe. But I like to be busy–in the pursuit of meaningful accomplishment.  It’s in my DNA. Here’s the catch: all work, grind and no play for balance means you’re liable to you will shut down.

Maybe not abruptly…perhaps it’ll be a slow chug-a-chug kind of winding down but eventually the car that is you will run out of gas and you’ll be down for the count until you can recharge enough to leave the couch for a day. Sounds miserable and scary right?

No need to worry. You can protect yourself against stress, run down and potential burn out by being more intentional about building a life/work/play balance. Sure we have loved ones–and they’re great– but we can’t depend on others to make sure we’re always at our best possible at any given time. It’s up to us girls! (and gents!!)

And you want to know something else? It’s okay to treat, indulge and take care ourselves. We don’t need to neglect responsibilities to do so, we should absolutely be smart about it, but when it is time to pamper and nuture ourselves, we should do so with all the enthusiasm and genuine optimism and happiness we can muster and dump the guilt immediately.

Of course, I can’t tell you to take advice that I haven’t taken myself, right? Duh. So I booked myself a nice little spa day to take place in January, once the hectic year of 2013 has wrapped up and the new busy of 2014 has just begun. I think it’s perfect timing. I’ll have my first facial (so exciting!), get a lovely manicure and soothing pedicure and rest. I’ll exhale and feel every breath and take a moment to listen to my heartbeat and the sounds of my environment.  I’ll stay overnight and cuddle with a nice cup of tea that I’ve never tried before and a suspenseful thriller.

You don’t have to book a spa day per se, but go ahead and buy yourself an at home spa kit complete with a sheet mask, a new nail polish, manicure tools, body scrub, etc. and take your time giving yourself some TLC.

Your mind, body and spirit will thank you. And so will your loved ones. You’ll be a better you, that’s a win-win for everyone!!

I’d love to hear your favorite at home spa treatments. Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Layla



Healthy Living: Mighty Leaf Organic Teas

Healthy Living: Mighty Leaf Organic Teas


Why yes, yes you are. Unfortunately, for me that means I’m part ginger-ale (Schweppes, ALWAYS. Don’t play) mixed with equal parts espresso and Jamaican Kola Champagne. Obviously my liquid diet needs a bit of work, but I wasn’t in any rush to make any drastic adjustments just yet, I mean, COME ON, it’s not quite time for resolutions.

Enter my new reality: a prescription regimen that includes a drug that heightens the effects of even the smallest amount of caffeine. Seriously. Sometimes I’d be up until 4am in the morning, this drug is no joke. My caffeine habit is coming to a screeching halt. I’m a little bitter about it, I won’t lie. I don’t like to drink tea unless it’s in the form of a Tea Latte. Tea isn’t particularly as soothing as taking that first sip of espresso mixed with foam. It doesn’t relax my muscles like a soy caramel macchiato. I digress. My world is changing and it must happen. I must cooperate to be healthy. It’s almost a disguised blessing–ALMOST.

Once again, my Birchbox comes to the rescue! In my November box, among some other nifty treats, I received a sample pack of three (3) Mighty Leaf Organic Teas. While only one of those offerings was caffeine free, it was enough to get me thinking that drinking more tea wouldn’t be so bad after all. I tried the Organic African Nectar blend and was pleasantly surprised at how balanced it was. I expected it to be overwhelmingly fruity, which it certainly was not. It was a mild, unassuming blend that was absolutely delicious. I’m definitely going to purchase a full box of this blend and happily sip my bitter unwillingness to let go of the comfort that is a cup of coffee dissipate.

If you are what you drink, then I need to be water and tea with a healthy sprinkling of a fresh pressed green juice and let the benefits of giving my body adequate and balanced hydration take over. I know the difference it can make. But it’s certainly a commitment. A commitment I have to make and follow through on.

For more information on Mighty Leaf Organic Teas, visit their website at

Wish me luck!


xo, Layla