NastyGal x MAC= Yes. Please.

NastyGal x MAC= Yes. Please.

I’m sick and slurping Chicken Noodle soup as I type. I spent 15 minutes contemplating writing this post or going to bed. Obviously, writing wins and it’s all because I can hardly contain myself. I’m going to literally explode of excitement at this news…when I saw the announcement, I squealed. Hear me: actual squealing happened.

Don’t judge me because if you love Nasty Gal, MAC Cosmetics, Sophia Amoruso’s story (as told in her NY Times bestselling book #GIRLBOSS, feeling that you are the Queen of the World or any combination therein, you’ll squeal too.

Let’s be squeal buddies…Nasty Gal teamed up with MAC to create a limited edition collection of 3 (badass!) lipsticks and a red nail polish to hoard forever.

I won’t re-hash the story that is #GIRLBOSS. We’ve got to get to the beauty gift that is happening here. The supreme Girl Boss herself worked with MAC to create three matte lipsticks that are basically a requirement for taking over the world. She also included a classic red nail polish. Quite honestly, I can take or leave the red nail polish, there are many other (more reasonably priced) options out there that are just as good and I’m a little in my feelings that she did matte lipsticks but didn’t carry it through to the nail polish, but I digress. The lipsticks make it for it.

All I can say is, I want them all. Gimme. So what, they’re so close to each other in shade and pigment, I don’t care, I don’t care. I can’t pick just one, so I won’t. I’m picking up all three shades when they’re available on December 4 and I’m justifying the entire hell out of it someway. I mean, one must have her lips properly painted in preparation for the never ending studying cycle no? You guys are right. I totally agree, LOL.

Peep the pucker picker uppers:

(l to r) Stunner, Runner, and Gunner, $16 each at MAC Cosmetics, available Dec. 4
(l to r) Stunner, Runner, and Gunner, $16 each at MAC Cosmetics, available Dec. 4

(Photo Courtesy: MAC Cosmetics)

Stunner is a beautiful, classic red that would look great on girls of all skin tones and undertones. Runner is a deep burgundy that is begging to be rocked this fall/winter and Gunner is an alluring deep purple that’ll have you painting it on and telling Lorde that she’s not the only one who can pull it off–so. there.

I’m not including a picture of the nail polish, see a few red nail lacquers, seen them all in my opinion, it’s not getting my blood going at all. But since I do feel bad for not liking the entire offering, I’ll pay my penance by dropping you a link to the MAC x Nasty Gal page at Nasty Gal’s site where you can enter your email address and be notified when the collection becomes available to shop. Here’s a tip: put it in your calendar, set a ton of auto reminders but also make sure you get an email sent to you. Trust me on this, just cover your bases. I did. You won’t regret it.¬†MAC x Nasty Gal Email Signup

Are you excited for this collection? If not, what else are you excited for this season? Let me know in the comments below.

Whew. I can sleep in peace now. Signing off and jumping full body in my comfy bed. Until next time glossy loves.

Thanks for reading.