Instyle’s January 2014 Issue!

Instyle’s January 2014 Issue!

britney spears_in style january 2014

Magazine delivery time is my favorite time of the month–the only other time I look forward to is Birchbox delivery day. I stack my mags up and lounge on the couch with some Starbucks and some good background TV noise and luxuriate until the very last page of the last issue in the stack. Ahhh…I can feel my muscles relaxing already.

This month’s (January) issue of Instyle is no exception: it’s a favorite of my entire subscription catalog. Ms. Britney Jean Spears graces the cover and looks beautiful and glowing. But let’s talk about the real goods here: Instyle’s 30 Days to Amazing Skin guide. I’m ALL OVER THIS. They’ve got tips for most of what ails your skin. If you’re looking to get a clear complexion, glowing skin, bright eyes, or wrinkle free skin, get your hands on a copy of this issues, stat!

Of course you’re going to flip through the rest of the issue, so if the life and times of Britney Spears is your thing, check that out. I’ll say one thing: her makeup is flaw-less.

I’m going to take heed to the skin guide and hopefully get rid of my pesky hyperpigmentation marks, once and for all. *Fingers crossed!!!*

I may take a posting break for the weekend, if I do, I’ll catch you on Manicure Monday–I’ll make my first post in a new series where I’ll showcase a great new nail lacquer that’s caught my eye. I hope you enjoy.

As always, I’d love to hear about the types of posts you’d like to see! Let me know in the comments below ;)

Have a great, glossy weekend xo

If You Only Buy One Magazine This Month…

If You Only Buy One Magazine This Month…

cosmo lauren conrad dec 2013

Make sure it’s the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Ever since Joanna Coles left Marie Claire to be EIC of Cosmo, it’s been one of my top mag reads every month. I can’t wait until a new issue hits stands–I even subscribed. Something I have never done for Cosmo. Ever.

Well my friends, it’s a new, exciting and informative day at Cosmo and I’m completely IN.TO. IT. The beautiful Lauren Conrad is this month’s cover star and she doesn’t disappoint, her spread is gorgeous. She looks lovely and aglow and shares sage advice that’s bound to be helpful to any of us gals, no matter your life stage.

And let’s face it: end of year magazines are the best. They do recaps right and remind us of all the good, bad and super ugly that happened throughout the year, with a couple of things that you completely forgot about thrown in.

This issue is chock full of good tips: home storage, makeup tips, career advice.

Pick up your copy today!!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated by Cosmopolitan magazine. All opinions expressed are my own.

Later glossies ;)