It’s the Great Makeup Edit Charlie Brown!

It’s the Great Makeup Edit Charlie Brown!

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Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like the rush of purchasing cosmetics, and well products in general right? ¬†However, fast forward about a month later and you’ve got a dilemma on your hands: you can’t find anything and most importantly, all of your “HAVE to have this” purchases aren’t being used equally, if at all.

What’s a girl to do?? Edit. Then organize…and maybe edit some more.

Well, that time has come upon me. Again. In fact, it rolls around almost as often as the dreaded monthly visitor (ladies, you know what I mean), only I’m much more happy to sort makeup and the like.

Although I haven’t gotten around to purchasing much furniture yet (I’m still in the design phases), my apartment has some sort of makeup storage in at least one corner of every room, sometimes two.

Editing your makeup down isn’t nearly as bad or daunting as it sounds, in fact it can be pretty fun to find products you were tingling with joy to try but later fell to the bottom of your bin (or drawer, or shelf ;)) ¬†And once you’ve found said products, you’re inspired to try new looks, at least I am. My poor face because a dry erase board from which I constantly paint then wipe.

Alas, I must find a better system: a better storage system and just a better process of buying, trying, donating, trashing, etc. because this just simply is not efficient. I can’t gear myself up for 2 days just to sort through products, that’s 2 days I could be out having fun showing the world my handiwork with said products! After all, what’s the fun in experimenting if a girl can’t show off her talents!

Be honest, do you have some makeup sorting to do?

How are you going to do it? I would love to hear some of your ideas and processes, they just may be helpful to me and other readers.

Share below in the comments.

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