Drugstore Goodies, Part II

I’m back! Boy, can’t believe it’s been almost 24 hours since we last chatted. Time flies when you’re…living life (hey, it can’t always be fun, right?)

Okay, so you know the deal. I love to pick up things in drugstores. I hit up 3 this weekend…yada, yada, yada.

Here are the last 5 items I got from my drugstore roundup:

Studio 35 Beauty Pumice Stone, price varies dependent on Walgreens location: My feet loves warm and cozy things, namely socks. Feels great, especially in the colder months but come summer my poor feet are in need of a lot of attention. While I haven’t tried this yet, one look at the uniquely shaped, coarse tool and it was a no brainer. Tossed it right into my cart. Can’t wait to soak my feet in my brand new makeshift pedicure tub (hint: I got it at Home Depot) and scrub away to super soft skin.

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lashblast Mascara in Very Black, $8.99: I liked the original version well enough so decided to pick this up. For some reason, I feel like the brush is slightly smaller. This alone makes it a little harder for me to get to my lashes which are in between skimpy and normal. This won’t be my everyday mascara, but I’ll most likely end up using it when I’m in a bind: like I’m in a rush to get out the door but I’ve run out of my usual mascara. If you were thinking of getting this, I would think twice. For the price of a few lattes, it’d be a shame to purchase this and not be happy.

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear, $2 (on sale at Rite Aid): Love the tropical, fruity scent. Not a fan of the texture for this one if you’re into layering it under other lip products but is a great lip moisturizer on its it. Speaking of layering: if you do like to have a little moisture as foundation before swiping on another lip product, my holy grail is Burt’s Bees Honey formula.

Nivea A Kiss of Cherry Fruity Lip Care, $1 (on sale at Rite Aid): Very moisturizing; beautiful, natural looking sheer wash of color. Need I say more?

TRIM Nail Care Sticks, $6: These are quite the handy little nail tools (no pun intended). There are 4 in each pack, each with dual ended purposes. One end looks like your standard orange stick. You’d use this side to push back cuticles. The other end is wrapped in colored texture. This end is for cleaning underneath your nails. Effective, simple, inexpensive. Buy these.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is my personal beauty consultation with Jodie from DooBop!!! I was going to post about it right after the call but I think I will wait until I receive my first box and give you one post filled with DooBop chat. How’s that sound? Great? Good. Great minds and all…

Well, time for me to hit the hay, um is it written somewhere that once you turn 26 your bed time suddenly becomes 9pm? BUM-MER.

Talk soon.

xo, Layla

Drugstore Goodies, Part I

Hey there!

I hate that I’m posting so sporadically but I’m always thinking of you and dying to chat about EVERYTHING, my schedule and health have both been pretty unpredictable lately. But, we’re together now and that’s all that matters…

Exactly one week ago today I turned 26. It was a big deal for me, I had mixed feelings. But I also had the best time celebrating and only just began to wind down yesterday. Like many adults, I went to the office on my birthday (where my coworkers definitely showered me with birthday love) On Saturday, I went for a manicure, frozen yogurt and the most delicious sushi from a local haunt (shout out to Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, CT!!) and had a BLAST. On Sunday, I went to breakfast with my dad (what’s better than Birthday pancakes?) and got to catch up with a friend who I haven’t seen in years over local pizza (we’re kinda famous for it) and wine coolers. Overall: I had one very low key but memorable birthday.

By now you’re like “get to the goods woman.” Don’t worry, it’s coming. I stopped into the Big 3: Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens between Friday and Saturday and picked up a few items from each. Keep reading for what I picked up and mini reviews for any items I’ve already tried:

Maybelline The Nudes Palette, $12.99: This is the product that started the entire hunt. I had seen it flipping through my monthly round up of magazines and set out to find one. IT WAS HARD. So hard, I had to visit 3 stores before finally landing on it (one of the last ones) at a CVS the next town over. This beautiful palette carries 16 neutral, smoky shades: some matte and some with a soft shimmer. This is a great basic palette for everyday and for the working girl (or guy) who’s just starting out in the professional world. Another great thing that got me excited about this palette is the accompanying video that helps guide you on the types of looks you can create with it. Unfortunately, the web address provided on the packaging links to an error page for me and I can’t find any videos on Maybelline’s YouTube page as of this posting. BUM-MER. Anyways, it’s still a beautiful palette, so I encourage you to give it a try (purchase it from Walgreens if you can, as their policy is the most return friendly) and see what sort of magic you can create.

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil in Midnight Blue, $4.99: When I was younger, I would rock a navy and gold eye look like it was nothing and be IN LOVE with my look. I embraced my large, almond shaped eyes much more then and wanted them to be on full display. Flash forward 10 years, and I’m definitely in that frame of mind again. Cue this remarkably blend able navy liner with a smudger built in on one end. Navy blue liner is not nearly as drastic as it sounds, it’s actually quite wearable and is a mild and stunning way to do something different and create a gorgeous eye look.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Limo-Scene and Blanc, $8 (each): I popped into CVS on my way to my manicure hoping to get the Maybelline palette but if nothing else to pick up my manicure colors (if you can’t already tell, I opted for a French Manicure). I’m a little anal about bringing my own colors because some nail salons (note: certainly not ALL) use nail polish thinner to make their polishes last longer and be able to do more manicures without having to constantly purchase new product. Good for them, not so great for you if you’re looking for a manicure with decent staying power. These colors are beautiful, and for my fellow permanently tanned ladies, yes you can rock these colors and look perfectly polished and ready for any situation. I’m almost positive I’ll be rocking the french manicure look for many more moons.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Milan Moment and India Intrigue, $9.99 (each): These colors are vibrant, yet sheer and are very moisturizing. Milan Moment is a hypnotic mixture of red, coral, true orange in the tube that glides on evenly, is sheer and builds in opaque coverage at your control. India Intrigue is a bright almost see through true fuchsia tone in the tube. I haven’t worn it yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  They’re my new favorite lip products and I’ll definitely be picking up more colors from this collection to wear year round. Word to the wise: I always layer some Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm under any lip product. This, coupled with eating/drinking and talking meant that my lip gloss only lasted about 3-5 hours depending on my activity level. It didn’t bother me, I was happy to reapply the creme-gel like treat but it may bother some of you so be forewarned!

Revlon Grow Luscious Bold Lacquer Mascara in Black, $7.99: I was intrigued by this product’s color formula. Revlon claims that most comparable (I’m assuming mass drugstore is the comparison base) use a mixture of dull grays with just a hint of true black to come up with their colors. While I do like the pigment payoff, I’m a little less sold on the actual wear of this mascara. It seems drying and flakes to the touch. When removing it with my trusty Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads (and ever so gently) I lost 3 (!!) precious lashes. I will keep trying this for a little while longer and hope that it gets better with use or that I got a tube of a bad batch and keep you all posted.

That’s it for Part I, there are  five more items which I’ll save for tomorrow in the interest of keeping it (semi) short and sweet.

On Thursday, I’ll be writing about my DooBop consultation as I’ve just joined their monthly box subscription service.

Looking forward to it glossies, talk soon.

xo, Layla



Manicure Monday: Thinking of an (Essie) Master Plan

I break for blogging!! Lol, at least I do tonight. I’m in the third week of my latest class and there is much reading and discussion board posting to be done. I’ve studied, but now I want to take a break to tell you about my latest nail polish obsession: Essie’s “Master Plan.”

Essie Master Plan

Essie Master Plan

What a beautiful and yet complex neutral. Essie describes it as a “mischievous soft gray.” I purchased this color a few months ago and it sadly got plopped right into my nail bin–along with who knows how many other polishes and nail treatments. So, flash forward to yesterday and I’m in desperate need of a polish change. I don’t want anything too bold but I don’t want anything too boring either, and there it was: sifted to the top. What the heck, right? I apply 1 coat of Priti NYC 2-in-1 Top and Base Coat, then a coat of Master Plan and another layer of the 2-in-1 Top and Base Coat, and voila! Gorgeous, gray and glossy nail color.

Peep the pic below:


Finished product...

Finished product…

I know this isn’t about the base and top coat: but if you choose to follow my routine identically, be prepared to reapply your top coat. The above snapshot is only 24 hours after I applied it with no touchups and a lot of hand washing–as you can see, it’s dulled a bit, but no worries as you should re-apply top coat to keep the manicure for as long as possible depending on your lifestyle. However, if you’re looking for something with more of a gel-like shine, you should take a pass on this base and top coat.

All in all, I really like this color, it goes in the neutral hall of fame for me: right next to my trusted OPI San-Tan-Tonio. In my opinion, some neutrals aren’t always appropriate for everything (I have a whole theory on this, believe me). Master Plan is appropriate for the office, a date, or even happy hour with the girls.

If you’re looking for a neutral that’s not boring: you should definitely take Essie’s Master Plan for a spin.




Manicure Monday: Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy

I’ll just come clean with it from the start: I love nail polish. I change my nail color just about every other day (it’s havoc on my poor nails).  Lately, I’ve been experiencing some skin irritation in areas where my nail polish and/or treatment(s) have come in contact with areas of my skin.

So I started researching…I was looking for any other (fashionable) options to keep my digits bathed in glossy (or matte, or sand textured) goodness. I found a lot of options, so many options I was beside myself, and Priti NYC was a sure stand out.

They’ve enjoyed some really good press and if you haven’t at least heard of their brand or one of their popular and eco/skin/vegan friendly you must’ve been living under a seriously huge rock.

I placed two separate orders (one off of eBay and one directly with Priti NYC) for a total of 3 nail polishes (2 colors, 1 top + base coat combo) and the company’s world famous Soy Nail Polish Remover.

I tried one of my colors, Snow River Daisy, today and I’m surprised. Not in a bad way, just surprised. This is the color in the bottle:

Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy

Priti NYC in Snow River Daisy, $15

It looks like a beautiful opaque cobalt blue (maybe slightly darker than cobalt blue?) I love cobalt blue and have been told that it suits me well, so I was really amped to try this. Okay, now for the surprise…it’s not nearly as opaque as it looks in the bottle. Rather it applied more like a nail tint. Which is okay with me, I’m not disappointed, it just isn’t what I expected. (For some reason, this color is not displayed on the website so I couldn’t really get a description)

This is what it looks like on me, after a base coat and 3 coats of the polish:

On my nails, after 3 coats

On my nails, after 3 coats

I hadn’t cleaned up my work in this pic, but you get the gist. It’s a beautiful color that I feel would suit any skin tone. I’m really happy to have this color in my collection.

Priti NYC is a new favorite for me. And again, I repeat: all its products are FDA approved, are 5-Free and Vegan. It’s completely non-toxic. This is important to know because the nail colors I received did have a chemically smell, but not to fret, they’re safe glossies!! :)

I’m eager to try out the Soy Nail Polish Remover and will definitely be posting my thoughts as soon as it arrives and I can test it out.

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried a Priti NYC product? Leave me a note in the comments below.

xo, Layla



Manicure Monday: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Wine to Five

covergirl nail polish wine to fine bottle

Happy Manicure Monday!

Mondays suck. Even a good Monday sucks a little. But manicures can pick up any day from the gutter and turn it around.

For me, Mondays also mean a new week of coursework, required readings, assignments, etc. Today, I just couldn’t muster the motivation or the energy to get through any reading or post to any discussion boards, so I chose an at home manicure instead. Yes, that’s right, I have chosen sweet procrastination over being a responsible adult and student today and guess what? I’m totally cool with it because I’ve got great, glossy digits to show for it.

This week’s must try color is from CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss line. I’m really liking their nail polishes. From creams to metallic offerings, they’ve got you covered. Earlier tonight, I purchased a bottle in the shade “Wine to Five.” At first glance it reminded me of Essie’s Bordeaux , but it’s actually lighter and more friendly for everyday wear, as it’s not as dark and severe. Check out the pic below:

covergirl nail polish wine to fine swatch

The really cool thing about this nail polish is its formulation–high gloss, lasts for approximately a week and includes a base coat as well as a chip resistant top coat. Which means you can get a insanely gorgeous manicure without having to reach for more than one bottle!

One coat of this shade provides an almost opaque, creamy coverage and I don’t feel as though I need another coat (although I’ll be doing one just because it’s a die hard habit)

Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $4.99? SCORE!

Guys, run don’t walk and try a color–any color–today.

If you do try a product, upload a pic! I’d love to see it. Happy painting.

xo, Layla

Review: Revlon “Girly” Nail Lacquer and Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara

I wish I could love all beauty products that I try, but sadly that’s not always the case. These two products don’t make the “Keep” bin–not even close.

First up, Revlon’s Nail Lacquer in Girly.

revlon girly

Revlon’s nail polish is usually total hit or miserable miss for me so I’m not too surprised that I’m not in love with the formula or the color payoff but I really didn’t think I’d hate it as much as I do. I’m almost annoyed by it’s horrible job and feel that it’s not worth the space it takes up on the shelves. The only I can see loving this would be to time travel back to my pre-teen days when I had nothing but time to play with adding layers upon layers of nail polish and could get away with the clear base, sort of sparkly glitter flecks. Yes, flecks not chunks like they appear in the bottle. In fact, the whole polish appears differently in the bottle. The lavender base colors appears as though it would apply more opaquely–not the case at all. After two coats, it barely shows up, base and glitter equally. If adding a creamier base color and using “Girly” as a topper seems appealing to you, you may have a better experience. Sorry Revlon, but I am not in love.

Now…onto Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara…

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Mascara

I received this in my Influenster VoxBox a few months ago. Fair warning: this tube is very big. You’ll need lots of room in your makeup bag–so much room that you may have to edit one or two (maybe three?) products out. First strike. I love the concept and intention behind this brush but the execution is poor at best. The brush itself is a great shape, but it’s a tad too big to pump up sparse lashes (like mine.)  I do like how the formula distributes evenly but it’s not enough for me to put up with its other shortcomings. The color payoff is on par with other brands. I’ve heard great things about Rimmel’s line of mascaras so I haven’t completely written them off but this one is NOT a home run. If you have fuller lashes or wear falsies on a daily or even semi-regular basis, then go ahead and give it a whirl, you shouldn’t be disappointed with this product all. For everyone else, keep walking by this one in the aisle and spend the money on a old favorite or something new that’s less likely to make you wrinkle your nose in disappointment and a tad bit of disgust.

I hate to be harsh but when you spend your hard earned money on anything, beauty products especially, you want to know that you’ll have at least a decent chance to getting what you think you’re paying for. Money doesn’t come easily enough to try everything and just toss away whatever doesn’t work out on a regular basis. Save those moments for things you’re really after and are willing to take the (calculated) risk on.

And as always, please remember that these are my personal opinions based on my own experiences. My perspective is only given with the best of intent–to help you navigate smartly :)

Later my loves.

xo, Layla


Manicure Monday: OPI San-Tan-Tonio

opi san tan tonio

I know what you’re thinking: if it looks good on me, what will it look like on fairer skin tones, right? No worries my lovelies, this shade is all for people, all days and looks great on everyone. Got a job interview? It’s perfect. Got a hot date? He’ll think you’re cute and polished. Want a neutral that isn’t sheer? Look no further.

The last neutral that OPI made that I loved (almost) this way, was discontinued. If this happens to San Tan-Tonio, then the gods help us all because I’m dropping everything and heading to OPI HQ and demanding an audience with Suzi forthwith. Extreme? Yes. But this color is completely worth it.

If you try it, let me know!

Do you glossies have any good nudes that you love? Please share!