K-Beauty: My Fave Sheet Masks

K-Beauty: My Fave Sheet Masks

Photo: Chrissy Tiegen

These days, I’ll about self care and doing what you can to make yourself feel that you’re at your best. For me, that involves a lot of skin care and at home spa-like treatments. As much as I love makeup, I am trying to make the state of my skin a constant priority because its function is critical. Not to mention that your makeup looks best when it’s applied to healthy skin.


Cue my obsession with all things K-Beauty. Korean beauty is becoming more and more popular and for good reason: Korean women (and men!) are seriously diligent about skincare. We should all aspire to be dedicated to a care routine with the same fervor. After all, it produces RESULTS. The before and afters are undeniable. Most K-Beauty routines involve approximately 8 steps and can include as many as 12 or 13. Fear not: you don’t need to have these many steps to reap the benefits of the Korean beauty philosophy and method(s). Incorporating a step here or there will have your skin looking better than it ever has.

One of the easiest steps to incorporate is sheet-masking. These cloth masks (they sometimes come in other materials as well) are soaked with serums and moisturizers in a convenient and efficient design to optimize the benefits of the treatment for your skin. You simply unfold the mask, apply to your face avoiding your eyes and let it sit for anywhere from 15-30 minutes (check and follow directions listed on the package). For those minutes that you’re letting the mask sit and work its magic, I like to do absolutely nothing–it’s wonderful! Forced relaxation can be such a benefit and sheet masking trains you to just let yourself be and take rest. Whatever you need to do will still be there when your masking time is finished. And when your time is up, simply remove the mask and throw away. It’s just that easy!

I do a sheet mask at least every other day. Some weeks, I do one daily–I personally love those weeks. I find myself less stressed and with more clarity throughout the week. Since I’ve tried so many, I feel comfortable enough saying I have preferences that I think once you try as well, you’ll love:

Photo: San Francisco Racked 

Tony Moly is my accessible and affordable sheet mask fix! I get them at my local Urban Outfitters for about $3 each. Sometimes, they’ll have a 4/$10 sale–great for grabbing a few extra or trying one for a different purpose.

  • Red Wine (Pore Care): this mask lives up to its name. I’m prone to large, visible pores so I tried this mask hoping it would reduce their appearance. That it did. Results don’t last very long, so it could be great for special occasions in the beginning.  I’m going to keep using them to determine if results are longer lasting with continued use.
  • Avocado (Nutrition): my face felt “fed” after using this mask for sure. I tried this before bed once and woke up with visibly brighter, plumper skin where scaly spots had started to appear. (Damn flaking face!)
  • Aloe (Moisturizing): I think this should actually also say soothing as I go straight for this one when I feel my skin is irritated or just generally behaving badly. The Tea Tree formula is actually labeled ‘Soothing’ and I find that odd as tea tree is strong and usually irritates many–mostly because it can be drying. Bottom line: this one is a sheet mask staple.

I haven’t tried them all yet, but I do have the Seaweed (Skin Purifying) and Rice (Clear Skin) on deck and will try at least one of them this weekend and report back.

What about you? Got any fave masks? Love to hear about your holy grail masks, especially your sheet mask picks, so comment below!

Good chat. Until next time…xo


Instyle’s January 2014 Issue!

Instyle’s January 2014 Issue!

britney spears_in style january 2014

Magazine delivery time is my favorite time of the month–the only other time I look forward to is Birchbox delivery day. I stack my mags up and lounge on the couch with some Starbucks and some good background TV noise and luxuriate until the very last page of the last issue in the stack. Ahhh…I can feel my muscles relaxing already.

This month’s (January) issue of Instyle is no exception: it’s a favorite of my entire subscription catalog. Ms. Britney Jean Spears graces the cover and looks beautiful and glowing. But let’s talk about the real goods here: Instyle’s 30 Days to Amazing Skin guide. I’m ALL OVER THIS. They’ve got tips for most of what ails your skin. If you’re looking to get a clear complexion, glowing skin, bright eyes, or wrinkle free skin, get your hands on a copy of this issues, stat!

Of course you’re going to flip through the rest of the issue, so if the life and times of Britney Spears is your thing, check that out. I’ll say one thing: her makeup is flaw-less.

I’m going to take heed to the skin guide and hopefully get rid of my pesky hyperpigmentation marks, once and for all. *Fingers crossed!!!*

I may take a posting break for the weekend, if I do, I’ll catch you on Manicure Monday–I’ll make my first post in a new series where I’ll showcase a great new nail lacquer that’s caught my eye. I hope you enjoy.

As always, I’d love to hear about the types of posts you’d like to see! Let me know in the comments below ;)

Have a great, glossy weekend xo

First Impression: Julep Luxe Repair Skin Serum

First Impression: Julep Luxe Repair Skin Serum


Happy Thanksgiving beauties!

I hope you’re enjoying this day of rest, great food, and time to catch up with family. May all the things you’re grateful for this year bring you many more happy moments in the next.

Sorry for the late update but I wanted to be sure of my first impression before putting finger to keyboard.

Here we go! Julep is a great service with many great products, including their nail polishes. While this skin serum is another hit for them, it’s not quite a home run for me.

After washing and exfoliating my face, I applied one pump of this serum to my face. One pump is perfectly adequate for the face (at least mine), in fact if left my face feeling a bit like chicken grease. I did my routine right before hitting the sack and the greasiness of my face left me feeling like I could actually be inviting my face to breakout even more.

Of course this is my first time having used this product so I will try it at least 2 more times but based on my first experience I’m not exactly looking forward to it. And that’s how I know that I love a product and how it’s working: if I just naturally reach for it rather than force myself to use it.

While I’m a little disappointed, my mind is still open to this product and I’m curious to see how it works if I say, alter my facial cleansing routine slightly, or use it on other areas as the bottle suggests.

Well there you have it glossies. I’ll report back more of my thoughts after a few more tries with this one.

I think there’s room for it in my skin arsenal, I’m just not quite sure where that is yet.

Stay tuned!

xo, Layla